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Why now is not the time to take your foot off the gas

Llantwit Major | Published in Board and Cloud | 10 minute read | Share this post on X Share this post on LinkedIn Share this post by Email Copy the Permalink to this post

Dynamic image representing acceleration and continuous innovation during the pandemic, featuring a sleek, modern road with motion blur effects to convey speed and forward movement. Subtle elements like arrows, data streams, and hints of missing or fragmented maps and signs indicating 'unknown' or 'no plan' emphasize the theme of navigating without a clear map or plan. (Image generated by ChatGPT 4o)

For many Boards, the pandemic has catalysed broad business change by accelerating digital transformation initiatives. The availability of cloud computing has democratised access to technology, and businesses of all shapes and sizes have seized on this opportunity to: increase revenue, margin, and profit; enter new markets and launch new products and services; delight, excite and get closer to their customers; and become more operationally efficient, increasing productivity, cutting waste, and reducing costs.