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Beyond the hype: Unlocking the true potential of AI in business

Washington D.C. | Published in AI and Board | 10 minute read | Share this post on X Share this post on LinkedIn Share this post by Email Copy the Permalink to this post

Modern office with AI technologies: holographic charts, chatbots, neural networks, robots, cameras, digital brains, pricing models, and digital art tools. Diverse professionals collaborate in a high-tech, futuristic setting (Image generated by ChatGPT 4o).

In the wake of the meteoric rise of generative AI, it’s easy to get swept up in the hype and believe that this single branch of artificial intelligence (AI) is the whole story. Platforms like ChatGPT have undeniably captured the public imagination, marking the first mass consumerisation of AI technology. However, focusing solely on generative AI risks overshadowing the diverse and equally transformative types of AI that have been quietly but powerfully driving business innovation.