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The Board in the machine

Llantwit Major | Published in AI, Board and Cloud | 10 minute read | Share this post on X Share this post on LinkedIn Share this post by Email Copy the Permalink to this post

Modern boardroom with subtle technological elements, featuring minimal digital overlays like abstract data streams and holographic charts, symbolizing the integration of technology in decision-making. The image conveys sophistication and innovation in business governance. (Image generated by ChatGPT 4o)

I recently hosted a fireside chat for the AWS Summit EMEA with Intel’ Global Leader for AI Solutions, Monica Livingston. We discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are quickly becoming ubiquitous in business. The conversation prompted me to think about how Boards should be thinking about the use of AI and ML in their businesses, and how they need to ensure they are making the right decisions at the speed of light.