Driving organisational transformation in a downturn

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In my article about not taking your foot off the gas, published just as the world returned to some degree of normality in July 2021, I discussed that the pandemic was the forcing function that challenged businesses to adapt and engage in broad organizational transformation using the cloud, and that it should not be seen as a reason to slow down.

The Board in the machine

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I recently hosted a fireside chat for the AWS Summit EMEA with Intel’ Global Leader for AI Solutions, Monica Livingston. We discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are quickly becoming ubiquitous in business. The conversation prompted me to think about how Boards should be thinking about the use of AI and ML in their businesses, and how they need to ensure they are making the right decisions at the speed of light.

The CFO is central to any cloud transformation

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CFO Magazine in The Netherlands interviewed me today on the role of the CFO in any cloud transformation. You can read the article here in Dutch.

IDC Multicloud Events

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Today I co-presented a fireside chat on behalf of IDC Multicloud Events with Cloud Reach and Intel. You can watch below.

Mario Thomas discusses how to build a compelling business case cloud adoption at the IDC Multicloud event with Cloud Reach and Intel.

Why now is not the time to take your foot off the gas

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For many Boards, the pandemic has catalysed broad business change by accelerating digital transformation initiatives. The availability of cloud computing has democratised access to technology, and businesses of all shapes and sizes have seized on this opportunity to: increase revenue, margin, and profit; enter new markets and launch new products and services; delight, excite and get closer to their customers; and become more operationally efficient, increasing productivity, cutting waste, and reducing costs.

Accelerating Innovation with Cloud Financial Management

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One of the biggest challenges for organizations that adopt the cloud is aligning their development spend with business initiatives while managing and optimizing spend. That’s Joe Daly’s job at Nationwide, where he began overseeing the insurer’s cloud migration more than two years ago. I spoke to Joe about how this shift has created greater transparency, flexibility, and efficiency as we recorded it as a podcast.

Planning a cloud migration? Here are 27 things to consider

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From peak CPU and peak RAM, to decommissioning costs, there’s more to think about than TCO. How can you assess (at a detailed level) whether migrating X application to the cloud is going to make sense for your organisation?

Silicon Exion: Planning a cloud migration

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Siliconexion sat down with me today to talk about cloud migration and what you need to take into account before embarking on a business transformation enabled by the cloud. You can read the interview here.