My Two Cents – Road Pricing

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Like many people here in the UK I spend a lot of my time driving to meetings, the shops and generally getting around. I tend not to touch public transport unless I’m going to London in which case I’ll catch the GNER or a plane. But the recent Downing Street petition against road pricing got me thinking, so here’s my two cent’s on the subject.

It seems the Government has a plan – put a little black box in everybody’s car and then charge them for using the roads on a pay-per-use basis.

This to me is a bit rich. Firstly, we’ve paid for the roads through years of taxation and secondly, the roads are too congested for me to even contemplate paying for what I consider a second rate ’service’.

However, something needs to be done if we’re going to reduce congestion and keep the roads in great condition for those of us who actually enjoy driving.

My Solution

Well, here’s my starter for 10. It’s not based on any research, just the idea’s I’ve had while heading up and down the M1 over the past 10 years:

That’s it, no expensive technology, no intrusive devices, and a leaner, greaner government machine with a hand’s-off light touch approach to its citizens – perfect.