AWS launch Anthropic Claude 3 Opus on Amazon Bedrock

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This just in! Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus foundation model is now available on Amazon Bedrock, joining Claude Sonnet and Claude Haiku. Bedrock is now the first and only place to offer all three Claude 3 models in general availability.

Claude Opus 3 is the best-performing foundation model (based on multiple industry benchmarks). It is Anthropic’s most intelligent model, with best-in-industry performance on highly complex tasks; navigating open-ended prompts and sight-unseen scenarios with almost human-like understanding and fluency.

Combined with Bedrock’s security, grounding, alignment, and guard rail capabilities - and currently being the only managed service offering all three Claude 3 models; Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku – in GA - there has never been a better time to give generative AI a try.

With its exceptional capabilities in understanding and generating human-like responses, Claude 3 Opus empowers businesses to unlock a world of possibilities. From automating intricate processes and conducting sophisticated financial forecasts to accelerating research and development across multiple sectors and sparking innovative ideas through seamless brainstorming sessions. Businesses everywhere can take advantage of these features now.

Whether you’re seeking to streamline operations, drive cutting-edge innovations, or explore uncharted territories, now is the perfect time to unleash the full potential of Claude 3 Opus on Bedrock. You wil be amazed by the remarkable capabilities of this Anthropic’s latest model.