Hello and welcome to my Blog! With over 25 years of experience working at the bleeding edge of the web, then the cloud, and now artificial intelligence, my journey has been a fascinating blend of innovation and leadership. From my early days as a dot com startup founder to my current role leading worldwide training and coaching for one of the largest technology sales teams in the world at Amazon Web Services (AWS), I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of technology.

Alongside my professional journey, I’ve also earned qualifications as a Chartered Director and been elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. These experiences have provided me with a unique perspective on the challenges Boards face in navigating the ever-changing technology landscape.

On my Blog, I’ve curated a mix of my own original content and handpicked resources that I find particularly compelling and want to share. Tailored for Board Directors and senior business executives spearheading organisational transformation in this era of the fourth industrial revolution, my aim is to provide insights that inform and empower you to drive your organisation forward.

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, where technology is reshaping industries faster than ever before. Think of my Blog as your trusted companion, guiding you through these uncharted waters with practical advice and thought-provoking insights delivered in plain English. No fancy jargon or consultant speak - just actionable strategies and perspectives to help you navigate the complexities of modern business.

From optimising your business strategy through cloud adoption to harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and data, my Blog serves as your strategic toolkit for tackling challenges and seizing opportunities. So, take a moment to explore the wealth of resources waiting for you here.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, and I’m excited to share insights, inspiration, and discoveries with you along the way!